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by Patricia Jepsen

8 Lessons
73 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

Spiral bound $40

The World of the Mother will open and the World of Light will be with you.


God the Mother is entering your system. It is this Mother alignment that will change the world you live in radically and call upon your energy of faith and love.


  • Entering the Mother System
  • Illumination by Fire
  • The Raising of the Veil
  • The Earth Mother
  • The Record
  • Universal Sound and Its Consciousness
  • Changing of the Guard
  • Who Is the Mother Now?


"On Sunday morning I went to pick up...Entrance of the Mother Spirit and the Creative Power. Right from reading the first few words I felt the pulsating energy within me and was drawn deeper and deeper. In the first writing box I wrote of my experience and would like to share this with you.... Such a Power of Love and Gentleness. I could feel the Mother Energy brushing my shoulders, wiping away the cares, filling my heart. All of this and I'm only at the bottom of page 2!!"


God's Fire Is the Mother


In the Creative Fire of the Mother Spirit, you dwell as perfect Child of God. It is in this place of Holy Fire that your Seed is kept and nourished until you return to the Light. Then it is that the metamorphosis begins. The translation from the "ugly duckling" into the Immortal Self is conducted within the Mother Herself as She lights the fires of immortal life within the corridors of Her being.

Translation cannot occur without the Mother Spirit ordaining this procedure. She calls forth that Fire to bring into manifestation Her offspring, the Christ emerging, the vibrating essence of Godhood.

He/she who is in the Mother is in the Fire of Creation.

The atomic charge of the Mother Spirit can create a dramatic and swift change in your appearance as well as your outlook on life. The creative surge of Her Eternal Breath through you can spiral you into immediate translation of body, mind and spirit.

Open to the Fire. In order to prepare for the Mother in Her spiraling Body of Creative Force, all attachments must be left behind. When you are ready, She will come as Force Supreme and dissolve you and recreate you according to the pattern of the First Born or Christ Light. See that you know that the world is not your master before you call Her to you.

From the Mother Fire will come a new Earth and a planet of light and love, so that all might rest upon it in peace and harmony.

In the Mother Fire, which burns crisply around you, there is only the present, the moment. All records are dissolved other than the eternal record of the Christ memory as you. You are the Child radiating out the Light of Truth, the Will of God and the glory of the Priesthood of Melchizedek. He/she who is given God's world has entered the Priesthood. Behold, the GodSelf in you is the given Child!

You will have That which is ordained for you to have after the Order of Melchizedek. You will be cleansed and dressed in gold robes, as the fire dissolves all but the original Code of Melchizedek-the living Christ within.

Your body is now ready to receive the Light, the fire of the First Creation. Go into the Initiation where GodMan emerges as the Light of the Earth.

My Spirit lives in you and must be clothed in the vibration of Solar Son. When Christ lives, there AM I. The Eternal I is you.

Now the gate opens. Enter. Feel the Fire of Love embracing, as you take upon yourself NEW LIFE in the Creative Power of the I AM Circuit.

Bring the holy Fire to Earth and be that vessel that can persuade others to receive the Baptism of Fire of the Mother's Breath.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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