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by Patricia Jepsen

7 Lessons
51 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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A Revolution in Conscious Awareness


Open the door to the youth within you, the infinite one you are in truth. The Immortal Babaji joins me in this lesson series; and it promises to be fun! The emphasis in this course is to live the New World Consciousness and release concepts of old, crystallized thinking and beliefs. Seven lessons in immortal living that defy the laws of aging, dependency and other traps of mortal thinking! Exercises and affirmations are included.

This course was conceived because I have seen too many giant souls chained by the world. I want to help those who are ready to be free of mortal fears, to be free of the traps and chains of mortality. The revolution I offer is one of breaking through the veils of humanhood, a stepping into the raging waters of challenging new ideas and principles. Will you come?

The battle is not over yet. We have much to do on earth. Come, reclaim your eternal youth! No age, no retirement, no life insurance! Come!


  • The Gift of Light, An Introduction
  • Lesson One: Today I AM Born
  • Lesson Two: I Don’t Believe the World
  • Lesson Three: From the Center Out
  • Lesson Four: Why Didn’t I Decide Before?
  • Lesson Five: The Unveiling
  • Thoughts to Ponder and a Selection from Changing Form
  • Lesson Six: A Hug and a Kiss
  • Lesson Seven: People of the Light


Today I AM Born

(from Lesson 1)

The Priesthood of Melchizedek does not recognize death. It offers the doorway into Life abundant and the Teaching of I AM. We are molded in the image and likeness of the Creator who abides in us as the “I AM.” This is the stabilizing force for humanity. It is the Kingdom come, the revealed flame of the Creator Son.

Those who have followed the Teachings of the Order of Melchizedek sent through Crystal will appreciate the symbolism of tearing down the barriers of human thought and belief. When this has been accomplished, what is left is the AM Presence shining through heart and mind, indeed, through all life as living truth.

Let’s not go any further until we have a realization of what has just been promised. How many times have you thought and spoken out loud “I don’t believe this!” Or have you been one who has passively accepted a world of poverty and wealth, bad and good, sickness and health, punishment and reward? Because if you have believed in the latter you have been living in a false world, a world fed and nurtured by belief. A belief in what is not! These lessons will be a welcome change in your belief circuit, as you come to understand that God is Life and that all God is, you are in Truth. You see, God doesn’t know anything but God. All else is illusion. Set that rhythm and pattern of thinking and you are off and running!

We cannot serve two masters. Jesus taught us this, but how many have taken the Master’s words to heart and actually lived them? We cannot serve two masters because in truth and in reality there is only One Who is Be-ing! And that is God present in you as I AM THAT I AM.

That is your identification point, the I AM. “The Kingdom is within,” the Master told us. And the Solar Life Energy that resounds to this message is supported and acknowledged every time you speak in God Consciousness, as I AM THAT I AM.

Once you establish I AM as your consciousness, God is Being. And the Breath of Life supports all things made by God.

If this be true, how do we go about releasing all the properties not of the highest good? The body is so full of the false message that it is misshapen and not formed of the true presence of the Solar Son. With the anointing of the Holy Spirit over humanity and the right use of the Word I AM as it was uttered in the Beginning, form becomes beautiful, a reflection of the Creator Son. God sees only His Son, remember. For God sees only Himself. This is a truth that may be pondered in thought and contemplation.

copyright 2008 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse


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