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by Patricia Jepsen

36 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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You Are the Center of Your Own Being, the Creator of Your Own Universe After the Order of Melchizedek


Look to the Spirit of God to nurture you as the Christ babe within the flame of Herself, bringing to your body-natural, to your heart and mind, to your emotional and mental bodies all that you need and require.

This is an edited transcript of a seminar convened March 7-9, 1997 at Jamesville, New York.


  • An Introduction
  • It Is You I Love
  • The Queen Mother: A New Sphere of Intelligence
  • Message from Sananda
  • Your Energy Response
  • Infinite Intelligence I AM and the Creative Power
  • The Hierarchy and the World Mother Flame


It Is You I Love

(from Lesson 1)

The God center within you is your sacred self. It is the loving, ever present I AM and it is vibrating in the will of the Father-Mother God in absolute perfection.

When you can accept this center as the vibrating presence I AM in your own heart, then you will know the kingdom of God and the lands of light, and you will see all light everywhere you go. You will see God.

Do not linger in the world that is not. Have you not hungered for the Christ, the joining of the two in one, the constant ever present blessing of the light? This is the time of great change. Many have already entered this presence and are waiting for others to join them. As the time ticks precisely, the face of the clock says, "Move, it is time. Follow that light. Enter the kingdom that is prepared for you." As you hear this within your heart and mind, bear no witness to the past. Walk swiftly into the light, into your God presence where I AM, the vibrating whole you.

Now, centered in the vibrating essence of the GodSelf, the Christ within, let us meditate on That as all we are -- not trying to improve one thing nor to make one thing better. But to accept from this new dimension the wholeness, the divinity, the Christ that is pure being now. Be still and know that that center of your being, I AM, is and ever shall be. Let go and let God. In you be as I AM, who you are in the joining of the two as one.


The Christ within in the all knowing, all loving presence. It is the Seed of God in us that contains our potential. Looking at the symbol of the Great Sun and the rays pouring out, we can get an idea of the God center within us, the Christ center. What we see as the impersonal, living sun alerts us to what it might be like to truly Be. And when we can step into that dimension and that conscious awareness of Be-ing, that oneness with God, that Sun, then we can begin to free ourselves, to rid ourselves of the seeming problems and the obstacles in our lives.

You might say, "It is too deep -- this mass consciousness -- I don't know how I can get through it!" And yet, when we skip and jump to who we really are, that blueprint of all creation, that living Sun, we see and we experience only That. We only see Be-ing in expression who I AM.

And when we are focused in that presence, we can't divide ourselves from it. So the problem or the situation, the condition isn't there. It is not there in that reality. If we can move our awareness consciously to the Christ withn, that presence of the living Sun, that Great Sun experience within our own soul, we will feel a release from the illusion. It will not be there for us because it does not exist.

The problem, the situation -- whatever it is that seems to be looming right now trying to get our attention -- is nothingness. It never was anything. And the only reason it seems to be so big is because we keep feeding it energy. We keep giving it attention, yet the new life needs your attention! Feed the Christ.

Feed the Christ within. That Christ Seed needs nourishment. And when we can begin to sense this Sun, as who we are, pouring forth unconditionally as Be-ing, God in expression now, we are fulfilled by the Holy Breath.

copyright 1997 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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