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By Patricia Jepsen

6 Lessons
88 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

Spiral bound $35

Magical secrets of creation written by the angels themselves!


Introducing an exciting new process of awakening your angelic qualities. As the angel speaks, the vibration of the angel begins to lift you into a joyous feeling of discovery and self-worth.

Author's Note

Much to my surprise and delight, as I sat down to write this series of lessons -- not knowing what would be said and written on these pages -- I discovered the heartbeat of the angels! I know you will be as surprised and as delighted as I am when you enter into the angelic kingdom through this course. Wonderful, new information is released and generously shared by the angelic teachers and recorders. Wise words of healing for the planet, caretaking of our environment, building of a new community under the Solar Confederacy. Indeed, we as humans, are welcomed so hardily and with such love, how can anyone not walk through the door into the world of light? This is their invitation to us, to enter in.


  • Be An Angel Yourself
  • Create Like An Angel
  • I Am An Archangel
  • Your Guardian Angel
  • Little Spirits and Big Ones Too
  • The Legions of Light


Develop the Power to Listen

(from Lesson 1)

We cannot help you if you do not listen. To listen is to pay attention. And you get results! Everybody listens on our side of the veil. Why don't people listen to us? Because they just don't know about us, why we are here. I want you to know now. That's why we want to talk to you--all of us. We have lots of information you need.

Animals listen. Plants listen. Even children listen--most of the time. Adults do not. Oh, there may be a few grown-ups who haven't forgotten us and the way we live and how we interweave with each other. But most adults are not open to hearing our voices and creating with us the wonderful world of light. We are sorry about this, but it is true..

To listen may not be the way you listen in your conscious mind. We listen with our hearts. In fact all of life listens that way. You are the only ones who don't. You have to think about everything and that stops the power to listen..

If you will try to listen in your heart, the way we do (we can't hear you otherwise), we will talk back to you and give you sound advice. For instance your environment--the way you live on earth--is a mess. You don't treat earth very well and we can help you with that. We can tell you the ways to clean your environment and remove all the toxic chemicals. We will be able to send you many messages that will be of help only if you forget to think, for a moment, and listen to us!.

We are guardian angels and we are environmental angels. We cleanse and we build. And we see a future for all of you on earth if you will just listen and work with us.

Loving you is part of our assignment and we want to be of help to you and your environment. But we cannot help you if you do not tune into us. This is very important now. Will you listen?

Here's an Exercise. Try It!

(from lesson 5)

Take a walk in the woods now. We'll be waiting for you.
If you don't have a woods nearby, go to your nearest park
where there are trees and a feeling of community and rhythm.

Practice what you have just learned about group song and
community. Perhaps all that you have nearby are a few trees
gathered together. There's bound to be a wood sprite there!

There are devas and fairies and gnomes. There are lots of people
who are waiting to show you around but don't forget,
you have to become one with them, respectful of all life:
the trees and plant life, birds and squirrels, all life.

Then when your heart is ready, be still and ask permission
of the guardian spirits to visit their home. Be still.
You'll hear a welcome call. At that moment, you are welcome!
Try it!

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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