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by Patricia Jepsen

12 Lessons
80 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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The Super Intelligence and the Creative Fire Within


Twelve chapters containing deep and powerful wisdom for the creation of a new circuit. Students of the Inner Voice and the Creative Power will learn much from this presentation of the Melchizedek Records. Advanced.


  • How to Study and Assimilate this Material by the Master K.H.
  • Chapters 1-12


Your Intuitive Ability

(from Chapter 3)

Sacred and alive in you, I AM living, pulsating Grace. The Consciousness of the Master dwells deeply in the heart of you. Listen! Be conscious of the Master's Voice in you, the Comforter, and the Spirit of Truth. What AM I saying to you? Sound My Sound. Walk as I have walked in mastery. Be open to the Earth and her Voice, as she is with Me in the Christ Consciousness of the Flame.

Always know and understand that I AM speaking. I AM aligning you by My Voice to your Christed Self. Listen! I AM speaking. Do you hear? Do you sound My Word once given to My Son Jesus -- now given to you? Do you hear My Love as it is spoken through the heart's Flame? And do you know your purpose now? Why you are on earth at this given moment? Why you are here? Listen and give heart to your voice.

You carry a heavy burden. Why is that? Put it down. Continue your walk with Me. Breathe deeply the conscious dust. Realize I AM in all life bursting to Be. And the moment you can see Me -- realize Me -- as Truth ever present, I come alive. Yes, I do! I breathe with you as immortality of Life intended.

You are the Light of the world only as I AM Light. Listen to the words I speak for they are true. Listen. I have come consciously to be with you as the Son or I AM. Peace will dwell in your heart AND IN YOUR LIFE when you know this. Be quiet and listen for I AM speaking. I AM Life intended. I AM now.


Let go of everything. Even your fears -- let go of them. The false world that you have provided for yourself is created by fear -- all the fears that you have fed upon as the world's truth! I have no fear in Me. I AM a new world, yet ancient in My making. I AM the Priesthood of Melchizedek and I know My world as Light, a City upon a hill -- valiant and strong. I AM the World of Light!

Consciousness ascended knows no fear. God is love. There is no fear in love. Let your world dissolve, for the day has come when visitors to this planet will be greeted with a love of Christ. No one shall walk unattended. You will have angels beside you as you greet the New World Visitors with love.

Now, in this New World that I have made for you, I have collected My own. And these ones I AM sending as part of My own Being are Visitors from many systems of My Self. They are actively engaged now in learning your ways and preparing themselves in form to PARTICIPATE in the raising of the Earth into a planet of Love. SEAL OF MELCHIZEDEK

Seek not the world and the pleasures of the world. This is important! For when you live for the world's pleasures, you are caught in the world and you are taught by the world. Seek the New World of the Priesthood -- Order of Melchizedek -- where you are free to live -- to live as I AM.

Seek the World of Christ in you, the living Truth, where you will feel my pleasure and take part in My delight and experience My Heart.

copyright 2008 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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