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by Patricia Jepsen

6 Lessons
28 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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Six Lessons Filled with the Healing Power of Love


A declaration of divine healing. Entwined within these pages you will feel the Holy Spirit and Her Healing Angels. From the 2007 Online Workshop


  • Introduction
  • Healing Secrets of the Masters
  • The Miracle Prayer
  • The Healing Power of the I AM Presence
  • An Affirmation
  • The Healing Presence of God in You
  • The Blessings of the Universe Are with You
  • The Healing Mountain
  • Prayer of Unity and Well Being
  • The Word Made Flesh


Healing Secrets of the Masters

(from Lesson 3)

God within you waits to heal. When you consciously acknowledge the Christ, Divine Light, within every one who comes into your experience, your conscious recognition empowers the divine Presence to become active.

You of yourself cannot heal. You of yourself are not a healer. It is the Presence of Christ, of God within the heart-soul of the one who seeks healing that generates the healing. You are the facilitator for the healing but not the healer! If for one moment you think, "Ah, I have healed this person," the healing power of your hand and heart is diminshed. It is gone.

This Inner Light or Christ within seeks Its own expression, including form. The letting go process enables the Light to witness Itself and to begin producing the divine creation, the I AM THAT I AM. There is no effort this way as the "Father within does the work." The Inner Light, when recognized and allowed to express Itself, fulfills all your needs. It will create out of Itself the perfect world, the ideal body and environment.

(Excerpted from From Mortal to Immortal, page 9)

Let me rephrase the first two sentences in the preceding paragraph:

The Inner Light, Christ within, seeks to express God as the divine image and likeness of God. Therefore, when the Melchizedek practitioner, the healing consciousness, is called upon for prayer and healing, the recognition and the consciousness of the practitioner sees and consciously the divinity of that one asking for help. In doing so, God takes action within the individual asking for help. This is not all. For the practitioner must experience the Allness of God, the power of the Presence and nothing else. There is no ego involved here -- no sense of self.

Remember that you are not the healer. The Allness and perfection of God is restored to consciousness. The healing Presence of God is on the field, and there is no other within your consciousness. The balance of power is met. The Master Jesus has told us, "Take no enemy." This is the meaning of His statement. The powerful Vibration of I AM THAT I AM will do the work.

copyright 2007 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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