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Changing Form And
Living In The Light

by Patricia Jepsen

6 Lessons
48 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

Spiral Bound $35

The Creator Disturbs His Creation and Reveals a New Life


Six revealing lessons that help you to function in the light vehicle, as well as position you in the circuitry of the Solar Son. When the body of light settles in as your Christ body, you have overcome death and may now dwell in the immortal realm of form.

Table of Contents

copyright 2005 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

  • The Evolution of Man into God
  • Why Am I Dying?
  • Living Forever
  • Solar Form
  • Be Who You Are
  • Changing Form


Living Forever

(From Lesson 3)

What does it mean to "live forever"? Does this mean living on this earth forever, or does it refer to our continual progress as ascending souls?

It is both. We, as a human race, are commissioned to overcome death in our consciousness and to understand that there is no death or disease in the Son or Expression of God. Jesus overcame death in His human form. He secured the blueprint for the new solar race, the New Kingdom race of Man. The Master has opened the way into Life Eternal here and now. But you must find this Life within yourself; this pathway that leads you to the original creation as God the Creator imagined you to Be. If you have not read and seriously contemplated the booklet The Last Enemy, published by the University of Melchizedek, please do so.* In particular, I refer you to pages 23-24 and a small boy's account of the resurrection of Jesus.

Living forever is not a dream; it is a reality and your destiny. If you have been doing your homework in consciousness and living the spiritual teachings, you will be confident that your changing physical and etheric bodies are seeking to express the Christ Consciousness and the body resurrected.

As you are living in your Christ presence, the Consciousness of That who you truly are, these words will be like fodder to your ascending soul. You are trapped no longer in a lower dimension. I have freed you from that. You are subject only to the Christ within and the sacred blueprint of My Name.

Born of the Spirit, resurrected in Me, the sacred geometry is in place. We are waiting for your ascent. As the days become like minutes, what matters now is your openness to a new dimension of light.

*Jesus tells us in The Last Enemy that we must all accomplish what he has done. We must all overcome the last enemy, which is death, right here and now. We are not to die. We are to raise our bodies into the Light as given from the Beginning. This takes courage and a deep commitment. The Last Enemy is available through the University online store.

copyright 2006 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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