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by Patricia Jepsen

8 Lessons
120 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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The Union of the Twin Flames on Earth


This is a love story of Two in the One: Eight Lessons on Love


  • Creative Intent
  • Being
  • Total Reality
  • Dancing to the Light
  • The Sacred Union and the Power Behind It
  • Dancing with the Spirit
  • Listening to God Together
  • The Future: Then and Now


Creative Intent

(from Lesson 1)

In the Great Beginning the Two were united in the One.
They were as one body within the One who knew them.
Every thought that the One gave forth as idea was immediately accepted by the Two in the One.
And when God said, "Let there be light,"
the Two made the light out of themselves and saw it.

In God you are trapped no longer in the lower planes. You are with your twin flame actualizing God's desires and abundant nature. This correspondence course is the recreation of that circuit of unified Intent..

To love God with all your heart and soul is to draw your twin flame to you. For God returns your love for Him-Her as the twin. This is proof of My love: the twin.

The Creative Intent that is God's will cannot be blocked or stopped. It is divine authority revealing itself as Creative Power. The twins, safely reunited, are the two poles of God's will. They carry the Power of Love and Light and manifest the Creative Intent.

Thus all creation stirs with a new breath. Powerful and beautiful, the Two gathered up in Oneness vibrate new worlds of light.

A Time to Remember

Memory returns as you read these lessons. Perhaps pictures and visualizations may come to your mind as you remember the way of the Two in the is a good idea to have a notebook with you as you read and contemplate this course. When waves of remembrance rise in your consciousness, make note of the visualizations, the thoughts and vibrations. You will find this most valuable.

Your whole self is returning as awareness, your being nestled in God's love. It is the GodSelf recognizing itself throughout creation. It is you.

copyright 2003 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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