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by Patricia Jepsen

68 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

Spiral bound $16

The Light Program of the Order of Melchizedek


From an Easter seminar held at the Virginia World Mother Center


  • Awaken the Powers
  • At the Mother Rock
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • Reading the Records
  • Back at the Mother Rock
  • An Evening with Babaji
  • The Limitless Possibilities
  • A Review
  • Your Body of Light
  • The Sunrise Service
  • Centering Yourself in Me
  • Find Me in You


Awaken the Powers

Welcome to the day we are in. All past history is gone!

To unleash the deliverance from the death program, you release past history. As long as you have memory and past history beyond the moment, beyond the now, you are in the death program. You can't help anyone if you're bound. So be here now.

In the divine presence I AM you don't have relationships as you have experienced them on this planet. You have no ties and no karma. Just be.

Activate the light now. Unleash it on planet Earth. We have given you permission to walk as light. We now need you on this planet as perfect examples of My light in you. So you must give up the limited sense of self. Do it today!

Your Body of Light

Your real body of light must shine through your physical body. It must be seen. It must be seen to be recognized, so that all might know that we are now entering the world of light and you wear that body of light that is of this world.

Breathe in the light now that manifests the form complete. As you breathe in, let all your body cells receive the breath of life. And when you exhale, leave the old material plane as you have known it. Relax in the Christ energy I AM and receive from this place, the immortal body of the ascension. Let death go!

This is to be exercised. We request you: this is to be exercised daily. And with your permission, may I say that as you do this, you will be releasing old molecules, electrons, particles. You will be receiving of the new.

Be energized by the light and receive from that all that is necessary for your mission on this Earth. Be cloistered no longer, but go forward as lighted energy vehicles to release this planet and all upon it.

There will be no stopping this. The time has come. And when your mortal robes drop -- and they will -- you will see yourself in an entirely new fashion, a fashion of light. Be clothed now in this glorious springtime garment and waste no time about it. For you are needed. You have been prepared for this. Come forth as the light.

Remember to breathe in the elixir of the golden ray of Sananda. Live on a Mount of Joy. Easter is with you. And here upon this plane of light, you receive much elevation of Spirit. Drink of the ladle of the Ascension and waste no time about it. It is time to ascend. Behold the light!

Now draw upon it. Make love to it. There is much to learn here for I have given you My life. You represent the new race of creation which is emanating from the Creator Himself.

Let the dense body go. You can safely leave it and move and have your being in the light body.

copyright 1996 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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