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by Patricia Jepsen

89 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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A Consciousness Presentation of the NEW LIFE


Many questions are answered as to the meaning of words used in the Mystery School Teachings of Jesus and the Records of Melchizedek. Transcribed and offered by Patricia Jepsen (Crystal) and the University of Melchizedek.


  • A Brief Explanation
  • From the Brotherhood of Life
  • My Advice to the Student
  • Preface
  • Special Foreword
  • The Glossary


These words are taken from the Cosmic File and are offered to you as a regeneration process within your soul. They are the words of The Son who is manifested through us as Divine Mind, or Word - Consciousness ascended. To agree with that Word is to agree with your own Being. This is the I AM of your consciousness, the power of the Word in your soul.


Under the listing for "A"

ABSOLUTE: The stillness of God, the Silence where no negativity can reach you. Unmanifested divinity. All Truth of Being. The supreme You. The Unqualified Absolute is without form and is not actualized. Creation has not stirred in Him. The Qualified Absolute is the Consciousness of the Absolute. He is the One who knows. The One. Universal Self. He remembers all things and is all things. The Teacher within where corruption cannot stand. The Absolute is Consciousness without beginning or end. He is the rhythmic equation of man.

ABSOLUTE SCIENCE: The degree of consciousness known as Truth where no error is admitted. This is the Absolute Creator in expression as divine revelation. Action of the Absolute. In this School (of Melchizedek) we dedicate ourselves to revealing the Absolute vibration, the purity of existeence. It is through Jesus Christ, that you know the Absolute. - All life is part of the Absolute as the Divine Mother reveals through the Christ level opf Existence. The Absolute is consciousness of divine Godhood.

ABUNDANCE: manifestation of Law as energy. To know abundance is to know My Christ Self; it is the Creator in manifestation through you. The love of God in man. Abundance is the Universal Life Energy as it is experienced in you. You have My abundance as you know Me in your system. Supply.

ADAM AND EVE: This is the Creative Principle in man. Male and female unite to cause instant creation in Me. Their vibratory agreement with the Word actualizes My Creation. As man learns to leave the 'world' and come unto Me, they become My Son and Daughter, the creative aspects of My life. Once united, they are sending out forces alive with Me. Christ Jesus united Adam and Eve and brought them toghether once again in His BGeing, thus uniting all humanity with the divine purpose of Life. - Also: Two came to Earth as Material Son and Daughter to help materialize the perfect man. But this Seed had to be replenished through Jesus due to misuse of the Creative Energy. I Am returning them again to this Earth that they might be with you and you with them. (See FEMALE; GARDEN OF EDEN; MALE; MATERIAL SON AND DAUGHTER; SECOND ADAM)

Under the listing for "I"

I: Consciousness. Energy from the Father through the Son. State of knowing, recognition. The I sound is Universal Life. It is All-Consciousness Divine. Without this sound, you could not live. It is substance. Omnipresence. Full consciousness of realization. Pure form of reality is always the 'I' in manifestation. (The use of 'I' here is in the highest sense.) It is the gratification of the Father's needs in us. (See EGO)

I AM: Stabilized union. The Plan evolving. My Consciousness becomes your consciousness. We are the same. It is the Personality of the soul when it is transfigured in God. The Consciousness of the Son is manifested as the I AM within the body of man, thus equalizing all forces and decreeing the Force of recognized reality. "I AM" is simply conscious realization of the Self as God. In God, man is the Word. It is self-knowing. You ascend as the Word. (See DECREE; I; I AM THAT I AM; WORD)

I AM THAT I AM: This is the full statement of Godhood, the Christ Principle of Life. Called the name of God or Godhead. It is Universal Consciousness. It is the measurement of consciousness divinely endowed with Itself. The regulatory power of the Creator. The divine equation. This is the Judgment Seat of all creation; the perfect Word. God measures out His divinity by this Word - He is all. In Christ Consciousness, you know this divinity, therefore you attain Godhood through Christ.

ILLUMINATION: Transfigurement in God. Divine Light be-coming. A graduation into Spirit Life. Revelation. The master consciousness is divinely illumined and is the embodiment of the Lord. This is the subjective mind rising to create. When you have illumination, you have the springboard for action. Creative energy is always given through illumination. Those who are illumined are 'prophets'. Illumination is creative substance in embodiment.

IMMORTAL: That which is immortal is enduring. You are immortal when you feed the flesh no longer. (The flesh is the lower self here.) When man is immortalized in consciousness, he becomes immortalized in flesh. When man conceives of himself as Light (All-Intelligence), all energy comes back to him, restoring his soul. He is the Creator within, then. Those who are immortal are received unto Me and hunger no more.

IMMORTALITY: That which I AM. The overshadowing of Sananda over His creation. God Life in man. The divine Presence. The immortality of the soul is the Christ Energy - It heals and resurrects. (See I AM; SANANDA)

copyright 1979 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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