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Living As An Immortal

by Patricia Jepsen

4 Lessons
27 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"

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Moving Beyond the Veil


Testing the waters of immortal life, you may decide for yourself that you are an immortal and you choose that path to light the way for others. From the 2006 Online Immortal Workshop.

Table Of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Beyond the Veil
  • Take Authority
  • Now Is the Time to Make Your Ascension
  • The Coming of Age



The way of the Immortal is not the way of the world. Immortals are connected into an entirely different screen of events and will not react to clustering thought forms of material, self-defacing mortal attitudes of death and decay.

These ones are ageless and feel no age. They are rebuffed by their consciousness that tells them they will die and that they must prepare for their death throughout their life span here on earth.

Many of these Immortals have reincarnated to bring the consciousness of death to an end. Their assignment is as follows:

Go into the Earth and change her program to Life Eternal. Go into the Earth and give human beings the understanding that the mortal life with its suffering and misuse of the Creative Power is causing untold suffering to the planet as well as to creation. Go into Earth and realize as a Group Energy that when joined with God, as a blazing Sun of Light, there can be no death. God's World maintains Itself as Itself. And all who partake of the Light will be named Immortal and forever released from the gravitational pulls of separation from the God Force or Love. God-Man, or the GodSelf (I AM) is the World of Light. It is the singular life.

The shift from energy in its lowest, most inert degree, into the God Force of Being (the Breath of Life), transforms the lowly human into a god, a god of Love, a god of Light. Energy to the Immortal is God Be-ing on the Breath. Here in these chapters of the Immortal Workshop, more than twenty-five participants regrouped with the Master to connect the vibration of the Immortal to Earth and to all whose hearts and minds are ready for the Solar Son Entrance -- a dimension of incredible power and compassion.

The following lesson material was initially released to participants who subscribed to the online workshop. Because of the effectiveness of this program and the enthusiastic reception it received, I have been guided to bind these lessons in a book form for all to contemplate and enjoy.

Crystal(Patricia Jepsen)

Immortal Workshop, October 2006

Beyond the Veil

(from Lesson 1)
Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you been puzzled and confused by the life-death program on earth?
  • What has been your attitude about social security, retirement funds, life insurance, or any insurance for that matter?
  • Have you been one who has caved in to the ideas and beliefs of others, including religion and security?
  • Or have you been a rebel, standing outside the box, and always ready for the new, the next challenge of creation?
  • Have doctors, alternative medicines and supplements been your first choice when an illness or symptom of a physical/mental disorder appeared?
  • Do you believe God will punish you if you don't do the right thing, or have you been willing to step beyond in your search for Truth?
  • Are you an Immortal? If your answer is "yes," have you recently awakened to this reality or have you always known?

You are a powerful being. You can change your program from death to life.

And you will please God by doing just this.

copyright 2006 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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