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by Patricia Jepsen

6 Lessons
8 1/2" x 11"

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The Powerful Energy Field that Is Yours in The One


Sponsored by the Archangel Gabriel and written by Crystal. All who have studied and contemplated Walking Together, as well as all who have been realizing their Twin, will find this course illuminating.


  • Foreword by Archangel Gabriel
  • Lesson One: Are You Looking for the Other?
  • Lesson Two: The Master Flame and You
  • Lesson Three: Seeing the Other in Yourself
  • Lesson Four: Creator Michael and His Twin Flame
  • Lesson Five: The Blessed Mary
  • Lesson Six: The End and the Beginning


Lesson One

Are You Looking for the Other?

And if you are...he-she is with you in many dimensions.

Now is the time to open your arms to the presence of your Divine Self. This Self is both male and female and can create, as The Word, mountains and seas, castles of immeasurable beauty and texture, as well as galaxies and even universes.

What man has to learn is that he-she is founded in God and is God emerging as vibration of Creative Potential and holy design.

When man is centered, he-she will know. You cannot be centered without the return of the twin flames. What you are experiencing now as being "centered" is but a pinpoint of the true experience of alignment with the Creator's Center.

No one is complete without the opposite half, or twin flame. There is no union without the twin flame actualizing within the heart-mind as Divine Love in expression and in motion. When completeness is fulfilled, wars will stop and man will be quieted from the hunger and soul-searching that besets him or her.

The path of Grace follows the original creation, the Creator's map of Divine Intent. God's World permits only the union of the twin flames in their original body as Life Intended: the GodSelf.

Let us now consider some of the questions you may be asking. For there are answers to all of them.

...What must I do to become conscious of my twin?

Vibrate your consciousness with Me.

By reading this lesson and remembering, you will become conscious of the one you have been searching for in your heart. It may feel as though it has been a long time in earth years since you have had contact with your twin flame. As your thoughts align to the oneness of Be-ing and your place in the divine creation circuit, you will begin to feel your twin and you will know the comfort of his-her energy as fulfillment.

Your Twin Flame is your solar mate. You will find your twin in the Christ dimension, and you will know one another without a doubt. How? By the oneness of your attraction, the magnetic quality of your attraction, and the spiritual dominion that you feel together as Love itself.

copyright 2005 by Patricia Jepsen Chuse

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